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3 In 1 Laser Machine

3 In 1 Handheld IPL Hair Removal Skin Rejuvenation Acne Clearance Beauty Device

Skin Rejuvenation

GSD Home Use Portable IPL Laser Hair Removal Permanent Beauty Machine Salon


IPL Skin Rejuvenation Hair Removal Pigments Removal Beauty Machine


3 In 1 Handheld IPL Hair Removal Skin Rejuvenation Acne Clearance Beauty Device

  1. hair removal
  2. skin rejuvenation
  3. acne clearance
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How to use

-Clean the cartridge light output window with wet cloth or cotton swab.This is done in order to remove hairs and dust from the treatment window.
– Please hold lamp above and below,then insert or pull out parallel.
-Connect the power cord into the product.
– Place the product on a table or area near an electrical wall outlet.Move away any liquids from the area.
– Make sure lamp is installed well before turning on.
-After connecting the power cord to the wall electrical outlet,status indicators of device’s two sides will flash in green slowly.
-Press the power button above 2 seconds to get device power on/off.After turn on,then the fan starts and LED lights.Lamp type,remaining pulse energy level (default is level 1),thermometer icon,fan icon will be shown on the LED.The status indicator flashes which means the device
is at the ready condition.After ready the indicator goes out.When the treatment window touches skin,the indicator turns green which means the device
Is ready for emitting lights.

Package includes

main body x 1
lamp X 3 (1 hair removal lamp, 1 skin rejuvenation lamp, 1 acne removal lamp)
goggles X 1
adapter X 1


-Input Power: 36W;
-Storage Temperature: 0 C-45C ;
-Voltage Rating: 100V-240V;
-Working Temperature: 5 “C-35 “C ;
-Rated Frequency Range: 50Hz/60Hz;
-Working Humidity: 25%-75%.

Treatment setting

-Hair removal
7-9 treatments
In the first 3 treatment do one treatment every week;
In the following 4-9 treatments,do one treatment every 2-3 weeks;
In the maintenance period,do one treatment every 2 months for area with hair regrowth.
-skin rejuvenation
8 treatments,one treatment every week.
-Acne removal
10 treatments
Do treatments only for acne every 3 days.
Suggest to clean the serious inflammatory acne with acus.

Laser Hair Removal IPL Hair Removal Clearance Beauty Device  Portable Home Use skin rejuvenation Completely Remove- 3 IN 1 IPL Skin Smooth System acne clearance

3 In 1 Laser Machine

3 In 1 Handheld IPL Hair Removal Skin Rejuvenation Acne Clearance Beauty Device


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