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New EMS Machine with R-F Butt Lifting Weight Loss

  1. Noninvasive Butt Lifting
  2. EMS Muscle Building
  3. Fat Loss
  4. Smooth Your Skin
  5. Skin Tightening

Portable EMS Machine for Muscle Building Fat Burning

  • Peach Hip Building
  • Muscle Stimulating
  • Build beautiful legs and arm lines
  • Cellulite Reduction
$1099 $899
What is EMS?

Electronic muscle stimulation (EMS) is a physical therapy and fitness technique. It involves a machine that transmits electrical impulses through electrodes that are applied directly to your skin. A common muscle group EMS is used on is the quadriceps after knee surgery.The electrical signals trigger repeated contractions of the muscles.

How Does EMS machine work?

This body slimming machine is based on high-intensity focused energy. It will cause thousands of powerful muscle contractions, which is very important for improving muscle tension and strength.

These powerful induced muscle contractions cannot be achieved through voluntary contractions. Muscle tissue is forced to adapt to this extreme condition. Its response is to deeply reshape its internal structure to strengthen muscles and shape your body.

What Body Areas can be Treated with EMS machine?

The procedure is currently to treat your abdomen, buttocks, arms, calves, and thighs.


Hot Sale 80K Cavitation Machine Vacuum Therapy for Sale

  1. 80k Cavitation Fat Burning
  2. Butt Lifting Body detox
  3. Breast enhancement, Body Shaping
  4. Body Sculpting Machine Salon Use
$1080 $950

S-Shape Unoisetion Cavitation 2.0 Vacuum Slimming Weight Loss Beauty Machine

  1. 6 polar LED R-F Handle for body slimming
  2. 6 polar LED 30 K RF handle for body shape and massager
  3. Pain relieve and body skin rejuvenation
  4. Detox &Butt lifting &Breast Enhancement
  5. 6 Big 2 Small Light Pads 160 MW
$1480 $1280
What is Vaccum R-F?
The Vacuum R-F therapy system uses suction and pressure to release the fluids in the fat cells that cause cellulite. Along with Radio Frequency energies to create superficial and deep heating of connective tissue fibers, dermal collagen fibers and fat cells.
1. Skin tightening and face lifting
2. Skin rejuvenation, Improving skin-elasticity and skin-shine
3. Deep and light wrinkles eliminating, facial wrinkle removal
4. Pregnancy line restoring, improving stretch mark
5. Skin-metabolism improving
6. Divide bacterium and diminish inflammation
7. Pore contracted
8. Cellulite reduction and Shape beautiful figure
9. Dispel black circle on eyes.
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